About Us
ELSTREE FILM SCHOOL is a film production training center based at Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood, England, home to many famous TV and Film Productions including Big Brother, Dancing on Ice and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Elstree Film School run a variety of film production and scriptwriting courses, as well as film lighting training, movie making courses and TV production training.

Full time, part time and weekend courses are available and our trainers are highly experienced in the UK Film & TV industries. Please browse our courses on the right and we look forward to welcoming you at Elstree Film School.
Studio Tenants

We have some great companies on site with us at Elstree Film Studios...

  • Daffodil Accounting Ltd.
  • MGM Cars Ltd
  • Grade One
  • King Bee
  • Applause Store
  • Everything Audio
  • Blueboxx Creative Ltd
  • Media Powerhouse Ltd.
  • Gaby Kester Casting
  • Relaxa UK Ltd.
  • Aladins Cave
  • Combustion Interactive Communications Ltd.
  • Elstree Drape Hire
  • Sharper Solutions Ltd
  • Encore Table Dressers
  • Media Monkey's
  • Big City Reservations
  • ELP
  • Film Link Ltd.
  • Studio Medics
  • 2nd Sense
  • Brand Infusion
  • Castle Sourcing
  • Baker Coogan Productions Ltd
  • Bigger Pictures
  • Elstree Studio Productions
  • Magician Pictures Ltd
  • Patient Zero Productions
  • Wish Films
  • Lifecast Ltd
  • Liz & Chris Clark
  • Sapex Scripts / The Production Copier Co.
  • Widescreen Ltd
  • 21st Century New Media Ltd.
  • Production Networks Worldwide Ltd.
TV & Film Production Courses at Elstree Film Studios

Film Production Courses at Elstree Film StudiosWelcome to Elstree Film School, a training facility based at Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. We teach a variety of Film, TV and new media related courses ranging from film-making, lighting, camera operation and video, to TV & Film scriptwriting, screenwriting, music and sound design courses.

What makes us different? In our busy age many of us do not have the time to attend long and drawn out training courses. That's why all of our courses are short, condensed and powefully effective - designed to get you on track and with the minimum of fuss. All of our trainers have had decades of experience in the business, and you are assured of the quality and reputation you would expect at this most famous of venues.

Each of our courses are held in our dedicated training room seating a maximum of 6, and are tailor made in this way to give you the maximum amount of attention. Courses start at 10.00am and finish between 4.30pm and 5.00pm. A full lunch is included within the price.

Industry Introduction Courses

Digital Video Camera Courses

  • Essential Digital Video Cameras (1 day)

    If you wish to get to grips with the latest digital video equipment then this course will provide you with all the information you need to get up to speed, gaining a solid foundation of practical knowledge. We will present an overview of the equipment currently available and show you the best ways of setting up your camera to get the shot you want - the way you want it to look.
  • The Art of Photography (1 day)

    Under the guidance of our professional photographer you will learn many of the photographic fundamentals including: determining exposure, controlling the colour cast, focal length, lens aperture and how best to frame your image in a variety of situations. At the conclusion of the course you will find yourself well on the way to creating superb photographs, quickly and confidently.

Video Editing Courses

  • An Introduction to Final Cut Pro (1 day)

    If you have never used Final Cut Pro before and are looking to gain an insight into this superb software, our one day course is ideal.
  • Essential Final Cut Pro Techniques (2 days)

    Learn the specific functionality that you require of this software to create polished and convincing film, video and movie clips.
  • The Complete Final Cut Pro Training Course (3 days)

    3 days of intensive learning on this superb package will give you a complete understanding of the power of this software, and how you can get the very best out of it for your film, TV and web related projects.
  • Final Cut Studio (2 days)

    A fantastic 2 day overview in how to utilise the power and versatility of Final Cut Studio, Apples premier video editing software.
  • DVD Studio Pro (1 day)

    Learn how to create professional DVDs using this powerful and versatile Apple software.
  • Essential Adobe Premiere Pro Techniques (1 day)

    Discover the quickest and most refined techniques for achieving what you want from this powerful and sophisticated software package.
  • The Magic of Adobe After Effects (1 day)

    Adobe After Effects is a unique software that allows you to create sophisticated special effects for film and TV productions. Learn how to master this innovative package in our intensive 1 day course.
  • The Art Of Podcasting (1 day)

    Our beginners guide to the art of Podcasting will have you on your way to producing fresh, interesting content: from the subject matter and how to make the most of it, to the recording, editing and mixing down of your polished professional Podcast.
  • Apple Motion (2 days)

    For those looking to gain a complete mastery of Apple's Motion software, this course comprehensively covers working with Motion's real-time design engine and interface.
  • The Animation Workshop (1 day)

    An inspiring and creative extravaganza designed for those who wish to quickly master a variety of animation techniques and effects, to spice up web creations and or to apply to YouTube videos, DVD menus, advertisements, games, presentations and other new media projects.

Green Screen Courses

Scriptwriting Courses

  • Film and TV Scriptwriting - An Introduction (2 days)

    If you've ever wanted to write screenplays that sizzle but don't know where to start, this course shows you the way.
  • Comedy Scriptwriting Course (1 day)

    This course provides everything the comedy writer needs to get started including an analysis of the contemporary comedy market, and the tools required to write sketches, create a sitcom, write a 'dramady' (comedy-drama), or a big screen film comedy.
5-15% discount if you book for more than one delegate!
Further discounts are available when booking multiple courses,
Please call our training secretary on 0844 844 2428.

Scheduled Courses for 2011
Course Date Days Total (Excl VAT)  
October 2011
Film and TV Scriptwriting Intro 1/10/11 2 475 COMPLETE
Premiere Pro 31/10/11 1 250
November 2011
After Effects 1/11/11 1 250
Complete Final Cut Pro 2/11/11 3 675 FULL
Final Cut Pro Intro 2/11/11 1 250 FULL
Essential Final Cut Pro 2/11/11 2 475 FULL
Digital Video Cameras 26/11/11 1 250
Premiere Pro 28/11/11 1 250
After Effects 29/11/11 1 250
Complete Final Cut Pro 30/11/11 3 675
Final Cut Pro Intro 30/11/11 1 250
Essential Final Cut Pro 30/11/11 2 475
December 2011
Film and TV Industry Intro 3/12/11 1 250
Premiere Pro 19/12/11 1 250
January 2012
Photography 9/1/12 1 250 FULL
After Effects 10/1/12 1 250
Complete Final Cut Pro 11/1/12 3 675
Final Cut Pro Intro 11/1/12 1 250
Essential Final Cut Pro 11/1/12 2 475
February 2012
Premiere Pro 14/2/12 1 250
Complete Final Cut Pro 15/2/12 3 675
Final Cut Pro Intro 15/2/12 1 250
Essential Final Cut Pro 15/2/12 2 475
March 2012
Photography 19/3/12 1 250
After Effects 20/3/12 1 250
Complete Final Cut Pro 21/3/12 3 675
Final Cut Pro Intro 21/3/12 1 250
Essential Final Cut Pro 21/3/12 2 475
Green Screen Complete 28/3/12 3 675
Green Screen Intro 28/3/12 1 250
Green Screen Practical 29/3/12 1 250
Green Screen Plugins 30/3/12 1 250

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simply register at the bottom of any course page.

More Courses

In addition to the courses displayed here at The Elstree Film School, we also run two other websites offering their own specific courses. The courses listed below are our web design training courses which we run at 21st Century New Media Ltd operating out of Elstree Film Studios, Hertfordshire.

Web Site Design Courses / Web Development Courses
Web Site Programming Courses
Web Marketing Courses / Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training Courses
Web Site Management Courses
Video Editing Courses
Graphic Design Courses / Print Courses

What if you could pay someone to do your assignment, when you are too busy or need a fresh idea? Well, now you can.

Business Training Courses
Marketing Training Courses

21BIZ also offer an extensive selection of Microsoft Office training courses, (far too many to list here) including courses for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Outlook.